Once Upon a Time Dream

Writer’s note: Something I wrote up during a 45-minute free-writing session. The prompt was “grasping.”

Mechanical watches are useless in this dream because time moves faster for only you when you’re aware of the time. Emotions play a big part in time movement, too. Anger accelerates time in most cases, while sadness wallows slowly through each second. The rate at which it passes depends entirely on your qualitative awareness of time at any given moment.

In a global effort to regulate the time, governments ban topics about time from public and research domains. Deadlines are illegal in almost all developed countries. Most entertainment consists of high adrenaline activities to help you lose track of time. The less able-bodied read immersive books or go into drug sleep therapy to slow time if they can afford it. Time ages worriers much faster than daydreamers, who pass off much younger than they really are.

There is a massive multi-trillion dollar industry of apps and self-help webinars that offer advice on how NOT to think about time, but in a few instances, this may cause a vicious loop of thinking that everything IS about time.

The super-rich moved off-world to the nearest black hole in an effort to slow down time. Decades seem like only minutes to them in their massive, sterile spaceships.

Recently, a counterculture has been brewing to encourage time awareness. Of course, this may end your life prematurely, but they seem to realize a simple truth: to live with time, one must not keep grasping at it, but live in the free mind of not caring where time goes in this dream at all.

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