Giving Up On and Going Into the Rocketship

Best C&H sub-genre, next to the Babysitters/Snowmen arcs.

So far 2019 has been an eye-opening experience for us as a couple. The travel has made us realize what matters and now is the time to not dream new dreams, but building them so they can heal and help us continue to grow.

I also finally got my courage back together to build a space where I could park my thoughts (here!). They’re meant to be notes to capture philosophy or opinion of something at the time of writing. So that’ll start as my humble pile of notes. My old “Best SF Burgers” post got taken down because I’m reviewing them for a refresh. As for “Best NYC Burgers” I’ve only eaten 20-ish NYC burgers. And I haven’t even eaten Raoul’s yet.

This will also stand as a signed confession that I resign myself to the rocket ship, wherever it may crash us. At this point in our careers, we want to build something that gives us joy to be a part of. I take comfort when thinking about what Neil Armstrong said about landing on the moon: it’s simply just another human achievement.